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Social Media Submission

Social Media Submission is about creating a social account. You can also create an official account and business page as well depends on the social sites on which you are creating your account. Creating social accounts will keep your followers updated about your updates, service, and products. You can post each and every little thing you want to share along with your followers. After creating those social accounts you can optimize the code which are been generated after creating social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more social accounts. Social accounts are also one reason and way of promoting your business and increasing the growth of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Submission is all about Social Media Marketing (SMM). Creating social accounts for business is just another way of promoting your business and creating awareness about the product or service. Posting pictures, videos, information about the latest activities is another way of communicating along with consumers and individuals. For all these activities 9ciphers will help you out to get your work done. Updating your activities on social accounts with the help of 9ciphers will definitely help your business grow and will also increase your followers.

Social Accounts


Facebook is one of the most active social accounts and almost the first app for posting and promoting your business, also getting connected with more number of followers. Connect along with 9ciphers and make the growth of your business in huge numbers.

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Twitter is an another social account for tweeting and which is considered to be very important for promoting or posting about the latest activities. Posting on Twitter also helps to create an awareness about product, service or business in a digital way.

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Pinterest is also a social account for posting your updates and pictures. Linking your website along with pinterest is also very helpful. One can even advertise there business and promote through Pinterest. There are many ways of linking and promoting your website through Pinterest for which 9ciphers can help you to promote your business and website as well as product or service you want to promote.

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LinkedIn is been used by many businessman. LinkedIn also helps you to run ad campaign for your business. There are many various options in LinkedIn through which you can advertise your product and service. Contact along with us and advertise your business on LinkedIn.

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Instagram is the latest and most of the time spended app. Even individuals can post pictures, stories and can also promote the post for the business purpose. They can also create an official page for the products or services.

Other Social Accounts

Similarly like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram there are many other social sites where you can promote and advertise about your business, product, service or website. Such as YouTube, Reddit, Flickr, and many more social apps. These social apps also can be used for personal purposes as well as for the business purposes.

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